Friday, September 23, 2022

[Teaser] DCO Chapter 8 Part 23



Unlike the glamorous and bustling reception hall, the school building was quiet at night.

Jihad guided Nozomu to his office in the school.

Jihad turned on the room's magic light and urged Nozomu to sit on the sofa. They took their seats facing each other.


"I think we're good here."

"So, what do you mean by not getting involved with Iris?"


In response to Nozomu's question, Jihad poured water from the jug in his hand into a glass and gulped it down in one gulp.

Jihad opened his mouth slowly as he looked down at the empty glass he had just drank.


“First of all, let me tell you what Victor-dono told me regarding this matter. According to him, a representative of the Waziart family will be visiting the academy at this party. Also, they would like to hold a meeting here in Arcazam to discuss the soon-to-be concluded agreement between Forsina and the Dizzard Empire."


Victor told Jihad that once the agreement had been concluded at the meeting, the agreement would become effective and diplomatic relations between the two countries would be established.


"Regarding this matter, Arcazam's council has given its approval. There is no doubt that Arcazam's position is ideal for the first agreement with the Dizzard Empire, which until now has not established diplomatic relations with any country."


At the same time, if things went well, it would be possible to bring information, human resources, and technology from the Dizard Empire to Arcazam.

Not only that, but Dizzard Empire's side could also establish a precedent of negotiations and consultations with other countries, which would facilitate the numerous inter-state negotiations that would take place in the future.

Nozomu also understood what Jihad meant and nodded quietly.


“We believe that the reason the head of the Waziart family, a prominent figure in the Dizzard Empire, attended this party was to make this agreement known. That was probably done in consideration of the national security of Forsina Kingdom, the benefits to Dizzard Empire, and the impact on the various countries. The party was originally intended to be a meeting place for the students of Solminati Academy and the dignitaries of various countries, but under certain circumstances, such as in this case, some consideration was given."


Originally, the main purpose of the party was to build bridges between participating students and various countries, but as long as dignitaries from other countries gather, it was inevitable that situations such as negotiations and discussions between countries would occur there.

For this reason, Arcazam also took into consideration the tacit understanding to a certain extent, and did not condemn the event.

Although Vitora's participation was quite unexpected even for the school, the participation of Waziart family in the party itself was not a problem.


“But if there is a possibility of danger to the school's students, it would be a different story. Especially in the case of an important student like you, who is in potential danger from the vampire princess ..."


Originally, when Victor told the school that a representative of the Waziart household would be coming to Arcazam, the school had planned to have Jihad attend the meeting.

When it came to dealing with such a powerful person from a foreign country, there was no one but Jihad who was qualified for the job.

However, as it turned out, even Jihad was no match for them. This made it impossible for the school to keep the Waziart household in check by force, in case of emergency.

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